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Outi Wa Bas

Outi Wa Bas DVD presents a sparkling Night Club Show from Cairo! This is a unique opportunity to see how Outi feels her own music as she will dance to several songs from the CDs she has produced. Filmed all to live music, Outi presents several Classical Oriental pieces as well as folklore tablaux. In the Alexandrian and Saidi dance she is dancing together with energetic male dancers.

Outi Wa Bas DVD The show includes:
- Al Amoura
- Sawah
- Cocktail Iskandarany
- Ana Albi Andak
- Naweelak
- Al Atlal
- El Helwa Dair Shibbakha (with saidi)
- Tabla Solo

DVD is available from following distributors:
Aladdin's Cave
Studio Henna
Tanssistudio Dum Tek

USA and all over the world

Outi: Outi Wa Bas

Or you can get them directly from Outi

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